Spark AR

SPARK AR that re fun, immersive, interactive and highly engaging the users Augmented reality is so versatile that it can find its implementation in all kinds of industry. It’s a very creative way to feel it through AR technology.


Banner Promotions
Seeing a visual of the deal is a great way to incentivize the audience to claim the products, our AR Banner promotions make the products viral to grab it.
Facebook Promotions
Facebook offers a compelling environment from which to host a promotion by using AR. AR Facebook promotions are a solid way to convert Facebook fans into buyers.
Instagram Promotions
This is a great way to get a bunch of participation in your promotion by AR Instagram. Instagram members will get a ton of entrants for your products by our AR Instagram promotions.
Twitter Promotions
Tweet engagements AR campaigns allow you to extend the reach of your products to a relevant audience on Twitter. You can promote AR Tweets that are only promoted to the audiences you target.
Customized Promotions
It brings your biggest AR ideas to life, no matter your level of expertise. Get Spark AR Customized promotions and unlock a whole new world of possibilities for products.

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