Customer Engagement Tools

Gone are the days when the interaction between the company and its customers occurred only in physical environment and only when the company felt the need to reach out to its customers for some inputs. Customers these days transitioned to virtual spaces and this shift has created a huge impact in the way companies looked at customer engagement. Customers have become vocal participants and hence the focus on customer experience is inevitable.

We specialize in building customer engagement tools across various touchpoint that helps in stimulating and analyzing the customer behaviour and sentiment towards a brand.  Our intuitive and unique approach towards customer engagement, coupled with our rich technological expertise has resulted in creating various products.

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“ I was really happy with the tech solution Peacock India provided for us,it was hassle-free cut-down administrative time and overall helped run our campaign smoothly without any issues. ”

“The team at Peacock India was amazing with getting the required designs in record time and helping us out with creatives. They gave us some good sound advice and even direction on how to achieve results and proved it as well.”

“I can’t thank the team enough for guiding and navigating our brand through Ecommerce space. Without Peacock India, we would not have made our mark in the digital space and for that I am thankful.”