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Building kick-ass brands with pixel perfect designs and clear codes


Our team helps you strategise your path of business, with one on one sessions, and provides solutions for all your design and tech needs.

Spot Campaigns

Merging tech and marketing solutions to create the ultimate campaigns supported by the best tech solutions around.

Technological Solutions

Complete end to end solutions are provided to solve business and marketing related needs allowing your company to harness the power of digital tools to get ahead.

Branding & Designs

We take over and provide complete solutions from strategising to execution prior to product launch and after launch, and adapt solutions according to the stage of the company.

UI & UX Designs

Through our experienced designers, we are able to transform and give your brand a much-needed facelift through the digital space to convey the message you want.

Data Analytics

Our aim is to extensively cover all reporting aspects of your social media, website or blog. We talk in numbers and make sure your brand does too.

Advertising & Creative services

From brand strategy to branding and brand activation, we provide a one-stop hub for all your creative needs.

Brand Activations

If it’s introducing a new product, or re-engaging your customer base, we have got your covered and work closely to achieve targets.

Digital Marketing

Build your presence online, endorse your product or amplify your message through the Digital Sphere.

Building Brands that Speaks for you

We’re a fanatical team of strategists, designers, analysts, developers and writers driven by the passion for creating great design.

Our designs are fresh, out-of-the-box and innovative. Our design resonates with the core value of your brand.

we believe in creativity

Design is at the heart of Peacock India. We help you in building designs that resonates your brand’s identity, core values and beliefs in the mind of the people.

Looking for a creative partner for your brand?

We’ve got you covered