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in design, technologies, new improvements, helped lot of brands, given solutions, salt and pepper – because of the team. Got a project to run? Need some visuals done? No project is too big or too small for us. With a multi skilled and energetic team, we provide solutions on all levels and for all occasions, be it a website for a launch, branding requirements or even an animated video, our team has got you covered. We’ve spent years building and reinventing brands, working with leaders and disrupting spaces and it’s time to do the same with yours.


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IT Team Extension

Businesses who are working on tight schedules look out for scalable resource options that are both cost-effective and perfectly qualified in ...


Technology Consultation

With the growing technological advancements, it becomes imperative for businesses to keep in pace with the transforming environment and not all...


Web Applications

Over the years, we have etched ourselves as a renowned web application developer offering robust web solutions that are an exact fit to the speci ...

Customer Engagement Tools

Gone are the days when the interaction between the company and its customers occurred only in physical environment and only when the company felt ...


Mobile Applications

The tremendous boom in the usage of smart phones has opened up new avenues for businesses for customer acquisition and engagement. It has ...


Multi-touch Interactive

Multi-touch Interactive technology is growing at a rapid rate and has penetrated into wider range of markets with the advancements in hardware ...

Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition is one of the emerging technologies that allow customers to engage with multimedia content and access information using motions ...


“ I was really happy with the tech solution Peacock India provided for us,it was hassle-free cut-down administrative time and overall helped run our campaign smoothly without any issues. ”

“The team at Peacock India was amazing with getting the required designs in record time and helping us out with creatives. They gave us some good sound advice and even direction on how to achieve results and proved it as well.”

“I can’t thank the team enough for guiding and navigating our brand through Ecommerce space. Without Peacock India, we would not have made our mark in the digital space and for that I am thankful.”

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We help you in finding the unique and optimum solutions to your problems


Our team helps you strategise your path of business, with one on one sessions, and provides solutions for all your design and tech needs.

Spot Campaigns

Merging tech and marketing solutions to create the ultimate campaigns supported by the best tech solutions around.

Technological Solutions

Complete end to end solutions are provided to solve business and marketing related needs allowing your company to harness the power of digital tools to get ahead.

our team

Meet the trendsetters, shape shifters and the idea generators

Shreeram VT
Creative Director
Neel Anand
Business Head
Elumalai VS
Manager Operations
Sam Christudoss
Manager Operations
Shakes Rover
Yusra Aziz-Eliyas
Business Analyst
Mohamed Sharief
Technology Lead
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