The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

The world of graphic design constantly evolves to keep pace with emerging technologies and changing aesthetics. As professional designers, it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles. This ensures our work resonates with modern audiences.

In this blog post, we will highlight seven of the most notable graphic design trends shaping the industry in 2023. Understanding these trends will help create appealing, on-trend work for clients.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Motion graphics take center stage

Motion graphics like animated logos and kinetic typography are increasingly popular. Brands leverage motion to grab viewer attention and convey creativity at a glance. For example, Meta’s morphing logo animation encapsulates the dynamic ethos of the company.

Animating logos, text, and other graphics is an impactful way to stand out in an overloaded media landscape. These mesmerising motions tell a story and add energy to designs. Expect to see graphics set in motion everywhere in 2023.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Distorted typography adds edge

Distorted typography is rapidly gaining traction as designers push legibility boundaries in unconventional ways. Intentionally manipulating fonts through glitches, grain, and other distortions creates an avant-garde, almost psychedelic effect.

This edgy approach adds excitement to type-driven designs. The experimental nature of distorted text also appeals to youth-oriented brands wanting to project a cutting-edge aesthetic.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Classic serif fonts signal timeless elegance

After years dominated by minimalist sans serifs, traditional serif fonts are back in vogue. Updated vintage serifs like narrow slab serifs and high-contrast Didones feel both contemporary and classic.

Serifs nod to timeless elegance while adding warmth and readability. Their versatility also allows them to be incorporated across applications, from books to branding to websites.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Dimensionality and depth expand design possibilities

Graphic designs are breaking free of the 2D plane with shifts toward 3D and dimensionality. This trend is enabled by advances in rendering software and AR/VR.

Realistic 3D illustrations and typography add pop. Motion increases immersion. And exploiting lighting, shadows and textures gives flat graphics new depth.

Dimensionality stretches design versatility. It helps capture audience attention while opening new creative directions to explore.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Retro styling sparks nostalgia

Vintage design elements from the 60s, 70s and 80s are creeping back into the limelight. Retro stylings like psychedelic patterns, throwback fonts and bright pop art palettes exude playful nostalgia.

This trend captures the current cultural penchant for nostalgia. It provides a fun escape from modern minimalism to a more carefree era. Retro designs hit a collective cultural nerve in 2023.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Brutalism makes a bold artistic statement

On the more avant-garde end, Brutalist graphic design is on the rise. Inspired by minimalist architecture, Brutalism features bold shapes, raw textures and single-color simplicity.

As an anti-trend, Brutalist graphics feel raw, real and almost radical. This minimalist, functional style offers an artistic counterpoint to many current norms. Expect Brutalism to capture attention from artistic brands.

The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Ai generates novel creative possibilities

AI represents an emerging trend that will further expand in 2023. Algorithmic art creation tools like DALL-E enable designers to iterate ideas faster. AI also reduces menial production tasks.

But AI can never replicate human creativity and vision. Its highest purpose is augmenting designers rather than replacing them. Used judiciously, AI expands the scope of graphic design in the year ahead.

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The top graphic design trends to watch in 2023

Conclusion: forward-looking design for the future

Graphic design constantly reinvents itself to remain culturally relevant. The trends covered in this piece represent some of the most important emergent styles and technologies shaping design’s future.

By understanding and selectively incorporating elements of these trends, we can produce work that feels fresh and forward-looking. The graphic design landscape will continue rapidly evolving. But by embracing change as opportunity, graphic designers can thrive on the crest of the wave.

Aishwarya Kapoor
Blog Writer

Passionate writer who loves diving into diverse subjects. Through my engaging content, I aim to inspire and captivate readers.

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